Design – we develop your control systems and components through to production readiness.

The control element is the interface between humans and machines. It facilitates communication with the equipment and ensures that the desired processes are carried out. Freudenberg produces flexible membrane keyboards, switches and touch displays. We also develop specialist individual solutions in collaboration with our clients.

The logical and intuitive design of control panels ensures smooth human–machine communication. Here, too, the possibilities offered by screen printing help to ensure clarity and user-friendliness and are viable solutions to a wide range of industrial requirements.

It doesn’t matter whether the client wants us to produce standard individual parts or a complete product – we will help to find the right solution and design. Freudenberg is happy to look at any drawings, ideas and samples that its clients submit and ready them for production. We are happy to support and advise you when it comes to choosing the right material and design or designing the elements confidently and reliably. In addition to printing-only solutions, we also design and produce enclosures or front system panels and employ special screen printing techniques to personalise them for you.

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