Mitras – evelopment of in-mould inserts

About Mitras

Mitras Composites Systems GmbH – a company owned by senata GmbH. We offer our customers all the services they need in the field of fibre-reinforced plastic components, modules and systems, from the design stage to the series-ready product. Our production spectrum can accommodate everything from mini- to large-batch production parts with complex geometries and strict process competence requirements. Our target groups are the energy distribution, telecommunications, industrial applications and medical technology markets.

The SMC process used by Mitras:
SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) refers to two-dimensional semi-finished products made from thermosetting reaction resin and glass fibres. The reinforcing fibres are in mat or fabric form and typically between 25 and 75 mm in length. The long fibres in the semi-finished product ensure that the components manufactured from SMC are extremely strong.


Working with Freudenberg

Following hot pressing, the motif normally used to be applied to thermosetting plastic parts in a printing process such as screen or pad printing. This was an additional production step and also cost time and money.

Mission for Freudenberg:
Freudenberg was tasked with developing an in-mould process for the SMC process in collaboration with Mitras Composites Systems GmbH.

Freudenberg’s solution:
Together with Mitras, a process was developed in which a special substrate material is screen-printed beforehand so that it can later withstand the high temperatures during hot pressing and can be inserted in the mould.

Added value for our customer:
The result was major cost-savings. Mitras can now also change the motif in the middle of the pressing process.


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