Front panels – our portfolio also includes the manufacture and machining of front panels for equipment.

Whether as equipment fascias or supports for membrane keyboards, front panels are a key component of almost every piece of technical equipment. As a versatile partner for the manufacture and machining of industrial products, we leverage synergies within our company to the greatest possible extent.

To manufacture front panels, we use exclusively aluminium alloys because they are hard-wearing and lend themselves perfectly to machining processes. In subsequent work steps, the fronts can be anodised, powder-coated, painted or printed, or design foil can be applied to them. The rear of the panel is also fitted with the necessary fixtures for mounting it on the equipment. For this, we offer a comprehensive range of threaded bolts, spacers, quick-action fittings, insert nuts, earthing leads and angled brackets for any situation.

As a result, our customers do not have to purchase the front panels for their equipment from other manufacturers, because they can get everything they need from us.

Metal front panels

Metal front panels

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