With screen printing, virtually anything’s possible. Let’s talk about your ideas together.

Screen printing has always been one of the most important methods of producing creative print and advertising products. Many of our customers’ ideas were inspired and realised thanks to the possibilities offered by our finishing processes. It doesn’t matter whether our clients come from the world of printing, advertising or production, because Freudenberg offers the right screen printing solution for everyone. We execute our orders to a high quality, effectively and with absolute precision.

Do you have some rather more unusual ideas that leave other service providers shaking their heads in bafflement? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Because we, too, are passionate about exploring new and uncharted territories. Thanks to our many decades of experience, we understand the amazing possibilities offered by screen printing, on almost any material and in a diverse array of formats and designs. Share your visions with us. In a joint consultation session, we’ll identify the resources we need to realise your visions as effectively as possible.

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