Freudenberg stands for know-how, passion and screen printing fit for the 21st century.

We are anything but your average printing plant. A modern family-run company, Freudenberg combines many years of experience and inventiveness with passion, diversity and a mindset that’s focused on individual needs. Unlike our competitors with their “either/or” approach, we tell our customers: “Nothing is impossible!” After all, we have been successfully pooling our competencies and know-how in the fields of industry and advertising for many years now. The result? Effective synergies, a unique portfolio and quick, efficient, flexible solutions for our customers.

In keeping with our motto “Screen printing: the sensible choice for a sensory experience”, Freudenberg is committed to exploring the myriad opportunities offered by traditional screen printing processes – both today and in the future. Screen printing creates, on the one hand, special surfaces in the finishing process that stimulate our senses of smell and touch; on the other hand, in the field of industrial design – especially for panels, membrane keyboards and touch displays – it provides logic, structure and order. To ensure that our customers always get the best solution to their problem, expert and tailored advice is par for the course from us – regardless of whether you’re looking for an efficient, standard solution or a solution to a more complex, specialised problem.

Außenansicht Vorderseite Eingang

Exterior front entrance

Außenansicht Produktionshalle

Exterior production hall

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