With the right equipment, industrial screen printing solutions are even more efficient.

People get better working results when they receive direct feedback in the form of specific sensory stimuli. So to appeal more effectively to our tactile sense, we can equip our printed switching foils with snap domes of different forces and pre-tensions.

Switching foils can be fitted with single- or multicoloured LEDs for enhanced clarity, or raised buttons can be embossed in the design foil for improved finger guidance.

The membrane keyboards manufactured by Freudenberg are equipped with an integrated terminal lug and connected to the device’s electronics. The lug can be flexibly adjusted in line with diverse requirements. It can be laser-scored for greater mobility, prepared for a zero-insertion-force rack or fitted with a CrimpFlex connector. The contacts are also sealed with carbon to protect them from mechanical wear and tear. When it comes to special equipment, too, we offer our customers a variety of processes and services. Let’s get together and devise the optimum solution for your needs.

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